Our new website

Our new website

We are proud to launch our new website which is going to showcase, new products and services.  Our artworks are on sale as canvas prints and we also do commissons.

Our aim is to spread our wings as a creative team and start producing our own designs.  For the people that love their antique furniture we can easly remodel them into fresh and contemporary looking pieces that can bring new life into tired looking interiors.

More people are spending their free time at home.  Home entertainment areas have become more prominent and our outdoor spaces need to become havens from the fast paced lives that we lead.  Choosing the most comfortable way of living helps an individual to feel ready to take on the world.

I know the trend to stick with neutrals has been in fashion for a very long time, but colour was created to be celebrated. Colours affect our moods and I believe that placing ones favourite colour in our living spaces is essential.  It is uplifting and can be inspiring.  That is why we are including a range of accessories to enhance our clients living spaces.

This is a work in progress and we definitely would like to know what you think and we cherish any feedback you can give us to make this organically grown small business into a place where you have a voice and choice as our customer.

Welcome to our new home and I hope you can share this journey with us.


Angela Duffield-Warren



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